March 17, 2021

Deputy Director in science of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, corresponding member of ANAS Dadash Huseynov opened the next seminar and gave the floor to PhD student Fuad Aliyev.

The young scientist visited the Frank Laboratory for Neutron Physics (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia). After the visiting, F. Aliyev made a report on “Determination of petrogens and scattering elements in sedimentary rocks using neutron activation and X-ray fluorescence analysis”.

The reporter said that currently the neutron researches have become widespread in solving various geological problems, mainly in determining the elemental composition of rocks. The study of the elemental composition of rocks provides clear information about their origin. For this research, the samples were taken from natural geological sections located in the southeastern tip of the Greater Caucasus. The petrogens and trace elements distribution in the studied geological samples was examined by the neutron activation analysis (NAA).

The concentrations of petrogens and trace elements in the studied rocks, as well as the concentrations of elements in the upper continental crust, post-Archean Australian shales and North American clay shales were compared, respectively. This comparison allows to study the conditions of the studied rocks formation.

After the presentation, the reporter answered numerous questions.

The research work of the young scientist was highly appreciated.