March 04, 2021

An online meeting of the Scientific Council was held in the ANAS Institute of Oil and Gas (IOG). The Chairman of the Scientific Council, Academician Fakhraddin Kadirov opened the meeting and informed about the scientific and organizational issues of the agenda.

Then the head of the IOG Department of oil and gas geophysics, Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Namaz Yusubov made a report on “The oil and gas content of downhole formations of the sedimentary complex of the South Caspian basin (based on seismic and well logging data)”. The reporter spoke about the new results on the geological structure of the sedimentary complex of the Azerbaijan territory and on the mechanisms of oil-gas fields formation on the base of integrated interpretation of existing seismic data and the results of deep drilling. N. Yusubov noted that the data of the sedimentary layer thickness in the Azerbaijan depression zones were defined due to the reflection exploration and the common depth point on seismic sections of the region.

Namaz Yusubov noted that the research results were published in 9 scientific articles: 3 in Azerbaijani and 2 in Russian scientific references, 4 - in Web of Science and Scopus.

Then the report was discussed. It was noted that this report allow to the study of the mechanism of oil-gas fields formation, which is one of the current topics of the petroleum geology. Thats why it was decided to continue this research.

The next issue was the discussion of the researches “The economic and scientific-technical reasons of the applications of technologies of the industrial use of carbon dioxide emissions in Azerbaijan” and “The role of the geodynamic regime and structural-tectonic features of the South Caspian megabasin in the formation of oil and gas fields”, which scheduled to complete in 2021. Academician Fakhraddin Kadirov gave the recommendations on these researches.

The head of the Education Department Arif Huseynov informed about the admission plan to IOG postgraduate studies and dissertanture for 2021 and about the winter session results.

At the end of the meeting there was the topic corrective discussion of the doctoral thesis of the candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, associate professor Malahat Efendiyeva. After the discussions, the topic was approved.