January 14, 2021

The article by the head of the department of radiometry of the geological environment of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, corresponding member of ANAS, Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, Professor Chingiz Aliyev “Radiation problems of the liberated territories” was published in the “Iki sahil” newspaper.

In his article, the author said “Our territories, which were under occupation up to 30 years, were subjected to radioactive contamination. There is information on the burial of wastes of Metsamor Nuclear Power Plan, situated in Armenian territory, in Agdara and Kalbajar territory. Conduction of radioecological researches in Karabakh by using advanced technologies is being planned.”

One of the primary sources affecting to the degradation of radioecological conditions is radioactive and highly toxic simplified uranium used in the production of a number of weapons. According to experts, simplified uranium leads to radioactive contamination of the soil, which will increase the risk of malignancy and various genetic diseases among the local population in the future.

Chingiz Aliyev said that the radioactive gas radon and decay products are the most dangerous radiation source for human health. There are various data on radon hazard evaluation to human health.

The studies of radon concentration in Azerbaijan for the first time carried out in 2010-2011jointly by the ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics and the University of Applied Sciences of Switzerland (SUPSI).

2500 radon Gammadata dosimeters were provided to the Geology Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences with the support of SNSF and SUPSI. Dosimeters were placed mainly in residential buildings and in some industrial buildings in different regions of the country from November to December 2010.
Then the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan approved the “Radon Safety Research Program and measures aimed at radiation decrease in the Azerbaijan Republic for 2014-2018”.

As a result of the conducted research the “Map of the volume activity distribution of radon in Azerbaijan territory and zones with its anomalous concentrations have been revealed” was included in the “European indoor radon map”.

In recent years, the studies of the total radioactivity and radon levels have not been carried out in the occupied territories. Currently the conduction of new radiometric studies in the territories liberated from the Armenian occupation became possible.

In his article, Ch. Aliyev underlined that the scientists of the ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics have been developed scientific fundamentals to monitoring of the radiation in different regions of the country, cities and other populated areas and also inside some buildings and have experience requirement to conduct necessary studies and measurements in the liberated territories of Karabakh.