June 08, 2020

The employees of the Department of engineering geology of the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) held an online seminar. The article of the acting Head of the Department of seismology and geomagnetism of the Section of physics of the Earth of the ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics, ScD in Earth Sciences Gulam Babayev, co-authored with Italian Professor Luciano Telesca was discussed during the seminar. The article “Seismic hazard analysis of the Southern Slope of the Greater Caucasus”, published in the journal “Pure and Applied Geophysics”, was reported by Mohammed Namazly, master of Engineering geology of the Istanbul Technical University.

The students and the teaching staff of the department discussed the article. Then they analyzed the calculations based on modern approaches and applied methods, models and maps presented in the article.

The Head the Department of engineering geology of ITU, Professor Nilgun Okay presented a number of seismic factors about the seismic activity of the study area. The reporter noted that the given modern methods are of a great importance in the seismic hazard assessment of the study area. It was also noted the necessity of study of the modern deformation processes, as well as carrying out extended studies due to recent earthquakes in the region. These studies will help reduce the negative impact of future earthquakes in the seismically active zones of Zagatala-Balakan, Sheki-Oguz-Gabala and Shamakhi-Ismayilly, as well as will allow assessing their potential consequences.

At the end of the seminar, it was suggested that the joint researches in this area would achieve high results.