March 4, 2020

In the 20th century, the development of geophysics in Azerbaijan was closely associated with the successes in the oil industry. The methods of geophysical prospecting fed on geological and physical sciences combination attracted the attention of specialists from different research directions. The other geophysical studies, such as seismic survey and electrical prospecting, allow increasing the of the oil recovery efficiency in Azerbaijan.

One of the founders of this research direction in Azerbaijan is a graduate of Moscow State University, ScD in Physics and Mathematics, professor Tofig Ismail-zadeh.
Professor Tofig Ismail-zadeh formed the basis of Earth magnetism and paleomagnetism in Azerbaijan and created the scientific school in this field. Under his leadership and participation, the scientific basis for earthquakes prediction was developed and hard work was done to create new geophysical devices. The essential scientific achievement of the scientist was the compilation of the regional paleomagnetic scale of the Meso-Cenozoic deposits of Azerbaijan (co-authored). The paleomagnetic poles gained through researches of T. Ismail-zadeh were included to the World Data Center. For the first time, the scientist developed and applied a new Hc parameter (destructive parameter).

The special sector of physics of the Earth was established in the ANAS Institute of Geology aimed to carrying out the geophysical researches on the territory of the republic. Under the direct supervision of T. Ismail-zadeh, the complex geological and geophysical expeditions were organized to conduct researches in the field of stratigraphy, lithology, tectonics, as well as the development of scientific justifications for the mineral exploration. T. Ismail-zadeh has been leading researches in the field of physics of the Earth in Azerbaijan more than 40 years.

Under the editorship of the scientist, the “Map of oil density in Azerbaijan” and “Atlas of oil and gas-bearing and perspective structures of Azerbaijan” were published. In 1979-1992 he worked as the director of the Southern branch of the All-Union Research Institute of Geophysics.

The scientist paid great attention to the young scientists training and prepared 17 PhDs and ScDs. T. Ismail-zadeh is the author of more than 200 scientific works, including several monographs and 24 inventions.

The scientist was awarded the title of Honored Scientist of Azerbaijan for his scientific achievements.

Now the success of Azerbaijani specialists working in the field of physics of the Earth is internationally recognized. The oil strategy of Azerbaijan, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, the discovery of giant offshore oil and gas fields indicate the new achievements in geoscience.

The memory of Tofig Ismail-zadeh always lives in the memory of his colleagues, students and others.