January 22, 2020

In 2020 the specialists of the Department of Geotectonics and Regional Geology begin the research on “Models of deep tectonics and geodynamic evolution of structural and compositional complexes of the Eastern Caucasus and the adjacent aquatorium of Caspian Sea”. This research will be carried out for the following five years. It is primarily expected to develop models of the relationship, deep and fault tectonics of structural and compositional complexes of the region.
The geosystem reconstruction (palinspastic modeling) of horizontal movements of tectonic blocks during the Phanerozoic will be carried out at the second stage of the research work.

Research work will be carried out jointly with the specialists of other departments of IGG (“Seismostratigraphy”, “Seismology and seismic hazard”, “Modern geodynamics and space geodesy”, “Petrology”, “Experimental petrophysics”), and the Department of deep geophysics of the Institute of Oil and Gas, the Republican Seismic Survey Center and the National Geological Survey Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Research works will be carried out based on synthesis of the applied methods of field and office works.

The practical value of research is the application of similar geosystem models to solve scientific and applied issues of regional and global tectonics, as well as environmental management.

The obtained results shall be applied in the multidirectional geological researches, geological survey and geological exploration; as well as in educational programs in higher education institutions and doctorate.

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