December 5, 2019

The fundamental monograph “Geodynamics and magmatism of the Caspian-Caucasian segment of the Mediterranean belt during Phanerozoe” was published in the publishing house “Nafta-Press” (Institute of Geology and Geophysics). The author is ScD in Geology and Mineralogy M.I. Rustamov. The monograph is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of ANAS. The monograph is consisting of 9 chapters and 544 pages and is the only extensive work dedicated to the evolution of geodynamic and magmatic processes during 500 million years of the Caspian-Caucasian region geological development. According to the theory of plate tectonics, the geodynamic studies are the priority in the geological science. The analysis and generalization of the time-space interrelations of geodynamical and magmatic processes allow establishing the manifestations of different petrochemical series of effusive and intrusive complexes, as well as the solution of complex metallogenic processes. During Phanerozoic geological history of the Caspian-Caucasian segment of the Mediterranean fold belt the strict order of geodynamic conditions were established in the Baikal, Hercynian, Cimmerian and Alpine tectonic cycles, corresponded to the evolution of the Paleotetis, Mesotetis and Neotethis. Their development established a new scientific image to the kinematics of spreading, subduction, and the formation of simatic island arcs, accretionary complexes, as well as the formation of different local oil and gas bearing and ore-magmatic systems. The author also proved that the types of plate tectonic zones, their development, the ophiolites roots and the manifestations of volcanic-plutonic magmatism arent connected with the subduction. It was proved that during Meso-Cenozoic the spreading oceanic crust didn’t formed in the South Caspian megadepression. Consolidated crust is represented by riftogenic volcanic thickness of subalkaline basaltoids, composed of mesocratic lava-pyroclasts alternation with rare orbitoline limestones.

The last chapter of the fundamental monograph is dedicated to the applied significance of the magmatism and geodynamics studies.

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ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics