April 17, 2019

The republic seminar on Earth Sciences was held in the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS. The meeting was opened by Deputy Director in Science, corresponding member of ANAS Dadash Huseynov.

Then, the employee of the Institute of Geography named after academician H.A. Aliyev, PhD in Geography Rashid Fataliyev made a report “Geoarchaeology: a new look at the ancient history”.

In his report, R. Fataliyev noted that the geoarchaeology, as a subfields of geology, was formed in the middle of the XIX century. In the middle of the XX century geoarchaeology was significantly developed in Western Europe and in North America. The first fundamental works were the books of the English geologist Charles Lyell “The geological evidences of the antiquity of man” (1863) and of the Russian scientist A.A. Foreigners “Prehistoric man of the stone age of the coast of the Ladoga Lake” (1882).

The reporter spoke about the significance of geoarchaeology in Azerbaijan. The scientist said: “The comprehensive study of the ancient monuments, included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage, such as Gobustan State Historical and Artistic Reserve, caves, including the Askhabi-Kyahf cave, we can achieve significant results”.

The report aroused great interest. At the end of the seminar the reporter answered numerous questions.

Public Relations Department
ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics