25 january 2019

Bureau of Division of Earth Sciences held a next meeting on January 25. Opening the meeting, academician-secretary of the Division, academician Fakhraddin Gadirov briefed the participants on issues on the agenda. He noted that, the meeting was devoted to discussion of projects that were winners of the grant competition announced by the SOCAR Science Foundation in 2017. 5 grant projects, the winners of which are employees of scientific institutions of the Division have been successfully implemented.

Then, heads of the relevant grant projects delivered a reports on the done work. The scientist of the Institute of Oil and Gas of ANAS, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy Namaz Yusubov noted that, the study of the project “The role of geodynamic processes at a shallower depth in the creation of oil and gas fields” was completed. Within the framework of the project, the parameters of the Maikop sediments basin and the boundaries of mud volcanism development were improved on the base of complex integration of the seismic data results and well logging. The processes regularization occurring on the territory of mud volcanoes was substantiated on the principle of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability mechanism.

Also, the foundation declared the winner “Development of scientific, technical and economic bases for the collection and use of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions emitted into the atmosphere at large industrial facilities, instead of natural methane (СН4)”. Within the framework of this project, which is headed by head of the Department of the Oil and Gas Institute, Fakhraddin Kerimov were made proposals for a process for collecting carbon dioxide in order to save methane (CH4) used as the main raw material in the production of methanol and urea fertilizers.

Among the implemented projects, he also took the place “Preparation of the method and technology of applying a small depth of geophysics during the discovery and initial research of archaeological sites. Mugan Plain (2018-2019)" leader by F.Gadirov. Academician said that, the archeogeophysical methods within the project were implemented and applied in the context of mugan archaeological monuments and a methodology was developed for their use in the country in the future.

The project “Fast hydrodynamic processes in the operation of underground gas storage facilities and their impact on the environment (based on deep geophysical and geochemical studies)” was successfully completed. It was presented by head of the Department of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, academician Akpar Feyzullayev.

The next winner of the competition is “Development and application of nanostructured systems to prevent complications during production and increase oil recovery rates”, headed by Director of "NANO Technologies" science production center (SOCAR) , Doctor of Technical sciences Eldar Shahbazov.

In conclusion, were discussed the results and a decision was made, a number of topical issues were discussed.