ANAS Presidium held next meeting at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics on January 23. President of ANAS, academician Akif Alizadeh announced that, the event was devoted to the scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the Division of Earth Sciences for 2018.

Then, the scientists who are employees of scientific institutions and organizations of the Division, told about the important scientific results.

Academician-Secretary of the Division of Earth Sciences of ANAS, academician Fakhraddin Gadirov noted that, the Divisions institutes were based on the tasks set in the Development Concept "Azerbaijan 2020: A Look into the Future" approved by the relevant Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and "Concept of development of ANAS until 2020", "The state program for the development of industry in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2015-2020", the priorities of national science, due to the socio-economic development of the republic, which head of state indicated in his speech at the General Assembly on the 70th anniversary of ANAS and the relevant paragraphs of the resolution and the relevant paragraphs of the decree of the Presidium of ANAS "On ANAS Action Plan to fulfill the tasks set in the strategic road maps for the main sectors of the economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan".

Academician stressed that, in 2018 was continued international cooperation at high-level. Within the framework of an agreement on bilateral scientific cooperation signed between ANAS and the National Research Council of Italy (CNR Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), experts from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, the Republican Center for Seismological Service and the Institute for Environmental Analysis Methodology of Italy began to the project “Investigation of the directional seismic effect on the territory of the Mingachevir reservoir (Azerbaijan) and the assessment of seismic hazard”, which covers is 2018-2019.

Scientist said that, the Memorandum signed between the Institute of Geology and Geophysics and the University of Michigan USA continued research work on the project "Study of the theory of transition from subduction to collision in the Greater Caucasus in terms of structure, thermochronology and origin."

Also, were continued work in the framework of the mega-project on “Mediterranean Sea and Kinematics and Dynamics of the Caspian Region”, which is carried out jointly with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). Within the framework of this project, 10 permanent GPS stations were installed in Azerbaijan, which are included in the UNAVCO (NASA) base as an Azerbaijani network.

Academician-secretary of the department said that in 2018, the Institute of Oil and Gas of ANAS signed a trilateral memorandum with the Center for Evolution and Earth Dynamics of the University of Oslo (Norway) and the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University to expand international relations in the field of science, technology and innovation after V.Lomonosov (Russia), as well as a memorandum of understanding with the Center for Oceanic Research GEOMAR Helmholtz (Germany).

ANAS Institute of Geography after academician Hasan Aliyev concluded an agreement with the Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies of Turkey and the University Dokuz Eyul (Turkey), aimed at planning multidisciplinary research in the field of marine sciences, technologies, as well as the implementation of cooperation programs.

He stressed that, cooperation with the Laboratory of Spatial Geophysics and Oceanography (LEGOS) of the French Academy of Sciences, which is located in Toulouse, was continued in connection with the project “Study of the Caspian Sea Level by Satellite Altimetry”.

The scientific and theoretical results obtained at the institute on the level of the Caspian Sea were included in the international program LEGOS “Study of the level of the Caspian Sea by modern methods”.

Cooperation with the Caspian Sea Research Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran was also continued under the project “Coastal Zone Management of the Caspian Sea”; research and educational programs, etc.

Speaking about the activities of the National Center for Seismological Service at ANAS in the reporting year, the scientist said that the organization continued scientific cooperation with the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center, the Joint Institute of Seismological Research, the European Center for Seismic Observation and Research, the European Seismological Commission.

Fakhraddin Gadirov also spoke about the close cooperation of the Natural History Museum with BP, the University of Leeds (England), the Natural Science Museum of Bulgaria and research organizations of the Caspian littoral countries.

Further, academician cited statistical data on the department: “In the reporting year, institutes and organizations conducted research on 48 topics covering 13 problems. 4 projects by the Division employees became winners at the republican competition, which was held with the aim of financing research programs. In 2018, 37 works were completed, which were conducted on the basis of business contracts. Last year, 459 articles were published, 137 were published abroad, and 134 theses, 57 of which saw the light abroad. The 69 articles were published in impact-factor journals. In 2018, 12 monographs and 12 study guides prepared by the scientists of the department were published”.

In his speech, academician also raised issues such as the execution of decrees and orders of the head of state, resolutions of the Presidium of ANAS and orders of the president of ANAS, structural changes, past conferences and anniversaries, awards, foreign business trips, integration of science and education, the activities of young scientists and specialists.

After listening the report, were held discussions, respondent the questions. By the decree of the Presidium, important scientific results obtained in ANAS Division of Earth Sciences were included in the annual report of the Academy.