March 14,2018

“Atlas of ore deposits of Azerbaijan” is the result of six-year joint researches of scientists of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, as well as other Azerbaijani scientists. In new edition the results of researches, carried out on the territory of ore deposits are given. The Atlas was published in the “Elm” publishing house.

The scientific editor of the Atlas is the President of ANAS, academician Akif Alizadeh. The compilers are A. Ismail-zadeh, J. Azadaliyev, S. Velizadeh, Sh. Babayev, Z. Veliyev and G. Babayev.

The richest material on the Azerbaijan ore deposits due to producing genetic types, collected by several generations of Azerbaijan geologists is presented in the Atlas.

The Atlas contains 192 pages and includes 469 macro- and microphotographs, maps, schemes, geological diagrams and 42 tables.

Peculiarities and description of ore deposits are given in following chapters: “Ferrous metals”, “Basic metals”, “Light metals”, “Precious metals”, “Alloying metals”. Structural-morphological, mineral, geochemical and other characteristics of 110 ore deposits (Dashkesan, Shamkir, Goygol, Agdere, Chanlibel, Lachin, Ailis, Darydag, Gizilbulag, Bashkendchay, Shekerdere, Agyurd etc.) are given too.

The publication of the “Atlas of ore deposits of Azerbaijan” aroused great interest among the local and foreign specialists. Scientific director of the Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician N.S. Bortnikov highly appreciated the Atlas. The Russian scientist noted the importance of Atlas for the rational use of subsoil assets, as well as investment of the state fund and prospective investors in ore deposits. Academician Vasif Babazadeh, Head of the Department of mineral resources of the geological faculty of BSU, highly appreciated the Atlas and noted the fundamental and timeous significance of this scientific work. In both scientists opinion, the Atlas is of scientific and practical importance, as well as is also useful for specialists, students, masters degree and Ph.D, studying ore deposits.

According to Dadash Huseynov, deputy director for science of the IGG of ANAS, “Atlas of ore deposits of Azerbaijan” was prepared in honour of the 80th anniversary of the Institute and in the near future the new edition will be published in Azerbaijani and English.

Department of Public Relations
Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS