December 14, 2017

The monograph “The paradigm of the eternal cycle of matter in cosmology” of the Head of the department of tectonophysics and geomechanics of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, academician Hatam Guliyev has been published in the "Elm" publishing house.

The scientific editor of the monograph is the President of ANAS - academician Akif Alizadeh, the reviewers are the senior research worker of the Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory named after N. Tusi, corresponding member of ANAS - Eyub Guliyev and professor of Baku State University Aziz Mammadov.

The fundamentals of a new scientific paradigm titled the eternal cycle of matter (ECM) are provided in the new publication. It is considered that the previously existed, including the proposed paradigm are based on primary and secondary sensations. In general, different paradigms differ in the degree of awareness of secondary sensations (renewing cognitive systems) among themselves.

It is assumed that the matter identified with the cosmos as a whole consists of material and free states. The absolute free state of matter has the form of an infinite space, free from the impacts of all fundamental forces. It has a free energy potential. The material state of matter consisting of separate parts of substances and free space exists in the form of physical, biological and information forms. There are three aggregate components of matter: energy, substance and free.

Matter is always and everywhere in motion with the participation of all its forms in free space. The source of the motion is the eternal struggle in the form of an infinite sequence of transformations of energy into matter and vice versa. Matter struggles to achieve a free state in all its forms in this way. All observed and not observed motions are a manifestation of this struggle.

The desire to achieve freedom (free state) and to find the best way in this direction plays the role of the driving force of all motions. Desire (i.e. force) exists at all scales and velocities and is super-fundamental.

The above mentioned conclusions make the basic essence of the paradigm of the eternal cycle of matter (ECM).

The monograph shows that the interactions between all fundamental forces (including public and social) with material and free states of matter serve the fulfillment of desires of various scales in the ECM. ECM along with generally accepted fundamental forces is subjected to the super-fundamental force - the desire to achieve freedom. As the realization of each desire occurs in the form of a motion, so, the desire in an indirect form is also subjected to the principles of the type of the least actions. All observable orders in the structures of the Cosmos, the Universe, the Solar System, the Planet Earth, bodies, molecules, atoms, etc., are proof of the subordination of all motions without exception to this principle. Moreover, it is possible to talk about the close connection of all mechanisms of fundamental interactions, including sequences of RNA, DNA in biology, gene processes with principles of such type.

The mechanisms of participation of matter forms in the ECM differ depending on the existing conditions. The participation of each form of matter in this process is realized due to the need to improve the efficiency of the ECM. Participation of an intelligent person in the ECM enriches the mechanisms of realization the desires. As a result, a specific form of free matter - the cognitive system is formed. The appearance of an intelligent person in the ECM is a necessity to achieve more effective results.

The duration of motions (in the generalized sense) is an element of the information form of matter. Time is the use of quantitative indicators of specific measurements of duration and their placements in the accepted order (contractual). The realization of an arbitrary nature and scale of desires creates additional duration. Therefore, there is no possibility to return to the past for these durations (time), i.e. the sum of all the durations increases steadily. Different forms of matter are in motion separately and in certain combinations without exception in all places of the cosmos which leads to an increase in the sum of durations. Therefore, it is impossible to fence off from this.

In general, the monograph contains the foundations of a new, original and perfect teaching on the scientific and religious worldview.

Department of Public Relations
Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS