Scientists of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS are studying the possible use of flammable shale and natural bitumen in order to contribute to the energy supply.

This is the task of President Ilham Aliyev Decree on "Approval of strategic roadmaps on economy and major sectors of national economy ", signed December 6, 2011. Dadash Huseynov, deputy director for scientific affairs, correspondent member of ANAS, said that the results of complex researches are offered to "Strategic Road Map on Development of Oil and Gas Industry (including Chemical Products) of the Republic of Azerbaijan". One of them is burnt shoves in small-scale thermal power plants, using mineral as raw material, ash, and in agriculture. Also burned shale and natural bitumen can be used in the production of petrochemical products, for the purchase of many microelements, for the production of medicines .

In addition, the Institute is conducting extensive research on geothermal energy and its application in Azerbaijan, as one of the alternative energy sources, utilizing shale gas and shale oil as non-traditional energy sources.

D.Huseynov said that the UN General Assembly Resolution 33/148 enshrines the list of alternative sources of energy, which is of particular importance. In this sense, the study and use perspectives of combustible shades and natural bitumen as fuel-energy and raw materials in Azerbaijan in this regard have been one of the research goals of the GGI since 1990. For the first time the map of "Azerbaijan flammable shale and natural bitumen resources" has been compiled at 1: 1000000 scales. The classification of approximately 120 burnable shale and natural bitumen outputs in Shamakhi-Gobustan, Absheron, Shirvan, Ismayilli and Guba regions, led by the head of the Institute Mud Volcanism Department, Doctor of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences, Professor Adil Aliyev corresponds to the display and appearance category. At the same time, promising areas with high quality flammable shale and natural bitumen have been separated, and combustion chips of 16 countries have been compared with the same quality of Azerbaijan quality and quality. Considering the experience of the relevant countries, the use of such energy resources has been scientifically substantiated.