Head of the Department Tectonophysics and Geomechanics, Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, Academician Hatam Guliyev and corresponding member of ANAS Surkhay Akbarov participated in the European Congress of advanced materials, held in the capital of Sweden - Stockholm. Academician H.Guliev co-chaired the World Technology Forum event organized by "VBRI Press Events".

At the opening ceremony of the Congress, which was attended by scientists from 67 countries, a number of leading researchers were awarded medals of the European Association of modern materials. S.Akbarov also was awarded a medal for achievements in scientific and technological research in the field of advanced materials. At a meeting of the section "Nanobiomaterial" S.Akbarov spoke on "Three-dimensional study of the peculiar oscillations of a three-layered empthy and filled spheres”. The report, co-sponsored by Turkish scholar Nazmiye Yahnioglu and H.Guliyev aroused great interest of the audience.

Congress, which continued in the capital of Finland - Helsinki, was completed in Stockholm. In the final meeting, the presentation was made by Nobel Prize Winner in biomaterials (1978), one of five members of the Nobel Committee, the Swedish scientist Ingemar Lundström, who spoke about the intensive research and the important innovations in the field of advanced materials. More information about the Nobel Prize and was given a tour to the Nobel Museum.

S.Akbarov and H.Guliyev shared their views on prospective studies with a number of well-known scientists in the world and discussed the possibilities of cooperation.