Institute of Geology and Geophysics (GGI) preparing to receive 4 masters for 2016-2017 academic years.

Admission Plan was approved by ANAS Presidium.

Deputy Director of the Institute for Science, Doctor of Geology-Mineralogy Dadash Huseynov noted that, the institution created all necessary conditions for training new young researchers.

There master students are provided with wages, they are taught by scientists with outstanding achievements in specific scientific fields, master students involved for field work and learn to deal directly during the research. IGG laboratories were equipped by the modern scientific and technical equipment, created for all conditions for work.

In addition, young cadres of the Institute are directed to the advanced scientific centers of the world for the training, to take part in the short-term and long-term training to improve the skills, conferences and seminars, as well as establishing ties with their foreign colleagues, and remotely take over their an experience. English language courses are organized for young researchers in which they are developing their foreign language skills by communicating with foreign colleagues. As a result of these, master students are obtained at IGG opportunity to learn a profession in their field and be experienced in the future frames.

D.Huseynov also noted that, based on contracts signed 3 years ago with the Baku State University and Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, basic departments of relevant faculties of these educational institutions were organized at IGG, in which are still held classes for masters.

These actions were expanded and in 2015 during the test examination which is carried out by SSAC, in IGG the first master, who has already successfully finished winter session for the first time has been accepted.