ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics hosted next republican scientific seminar titled "New types of polymer composites derived from nano-clay and various natural minerals" in the field of Earth Sciences.

Chaired by the Deputy Director for scientific work of this institution, Doctor of Geology-mineralogy Sciences Dadash Huseynov, the event was opened by Academician Arif Ismailzadeh who told about the purpose and significance of the study.

Then, employee of the Institute of Polymeric Materials, Doctor of Chemistry Najaf Gahramanov delivered a report devoted to the discussed subject. Noted that, last years the increasing attention of world scientists are attracted on studies conducted on the impact of the structure and composition of mineral fillers in the process of formation of a crystalline molecular structure top in polymeric materials. During mixing the polymers with mineral was discovered unique feature such as influence of fine mineral particles on the creation and growth of heterogeneous nucleation in the polymer matrix.

The last case has essential impact on improvement of properties of the polymeric composites filled with minerals.

Noted that, studies were based on using of natural minerals exposed to primary processing. Thereby there was a need for carrying out complex researches for concept and an explanation of regularities and new approaches to changes in a structure and properties of mineral polymeric composites.

The report aroused great interest on the participants of the seminar and responded questions.

After discussions event was concluded on results of the research.