Joint meeting of ANAS Department of Earth Sciences and Institute of Geology and Geophysics was held. Academician-secretary of the department Acad. Fakhraddin Gadirov opened the meeting and acquainted the attendees on the issues of agenda.

Deputy Director of Science of the institute Dr. Geology-mineralogy Dadash Huseynov reported with a lecture. Noted that, within a report year President of the Republic of Azerbaijan attended the 70th anniversary event of ANAS and put vital tasks before scientists. In addition, 14 employees of the institute were awarded the various prizes.

27 works in 14 topics over 5 problems have been held during 2015. Generally, 5 works have been completed, as well as 11 grant projects developed and reseaches are being held on 8 grant projects.

Institute signed agreement via  Earth Physics Instite on behalf of O.Y.Shmidta of RAS. Agreement aimed to summarize scientific capacity in the direction of styding fundamental, applied problems of North and South Caucasus, including Along Caspian region.

For the first time “Atlas of world’s mud volcanoes” was published in Italy supported by Science Foundation of State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic. Atlas compiled and analyzed mud volcanoes spread in Alpine-Himalayan mountains and the Pacific Ocean tectonic generations in 42 countries, including mud volcanoes in the depths of the Caspian, Black and Mediterranean seas.

Underground waters and isotop-geochemical structure of gases are studied in Gedebey and Dashkesen regions joint with scientists from Italian National Research Council University of Florencia.

Modern research equipment was installed in Alat Dashgil mud volcano via specialists of the "MARUM" Marine Environmental Research Center of the University of Bremen in Germany, and this device measures porosity, temperature and pressure in the depth of the earth.

In 2015, 6th international scientific conference “Multidiciplinary approach to solutions of geological and geophysical problems” dedicated to 70th anniversary of ANAS was held. Within “Academic Science Week – 2015” international multidiciplinary forum were conducted seminars on uregnt topics.

Touching upon the issue of human resources Dadash Huseynov noted that, 30 PhDs educated on PhD training in 2015 at the IGG.

In addition, currently, 10 bachelors and 14 masters’ degree employ in the scientific venture. For the first time master studies was organzied in the institute this year. One person entered to the master studies on “Geology of the sea and ocean depths” specialty.

Institute employees published 90 research works per year, while 41 of them released in abroad, and 18 on the journals of impact factor.

Later, the annual report of the institute for 2015 was highly apraised.