The vice-president of Azerbaijan National academy of sciences, deputy director for research of the institute of Geology, academician Ibragim Guliyev participated in the international conference called “Guba readings”, organized in the RussianStateUniversity of oil and gas named by I.M. Gubkin.

At the meeting scientist gave a presentation on the topic named “ Complementary hydrocarbon resources: hypothesis and reality”, in which is found the results of joint researches, conducted by Ibragim Guliyev and exploration of oil and gas by professor Vagif Kerimov.

At the conference with report named “3D lithofacies model of Neftchala oil and gas field” was acted young researcher of basin modeling and Geotechnology of geology Institute, Raksana Askerova.

During a business trip the young scientists has familiarized with the equipment and instruments at the cathedra of theoretical basis, oil and gas exploration.

At the event the scientists participated at the project named “
Azerbaijan oil” which was realized with the support by Fund of developmentof science.