Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Institute of tectonophysics and head of geomechanical department, corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of sciences Hatem Kuliev, and head of department of “drilling wells” corresponding member Galib  Efendiyev implemented a trip to Europe. Our scientists went to Bucharest  at the invitation of the director of “extraction of oil and gas” of “OM Petrom SA” company Hening Grotkop.

They gave information on the results obtained in his department. After a long discussion was suggested idea about join researches with “OM Petrom SA” and it was decided to prepare proposals in this direction. During, the visit were held meetings with a member of Academy of sciences of
Romania, with professor Nicolas Anastasia and rector of oil and gas University of Ploeishti Mihaj Pasku Koloja.

Were held discussions in different areas of geology and geophysics, about join researches, about entering data into the educational system.
H. Guliyev visited Kiev, where he met with deputy director about Science Institute of geophysics of Ukrainian National Academy of sciences, professor A.V. Kendzer.

During a meeting paid special attention to the interesting research in the region of
Azerbaijan in geophysics and seismology, on seismic stability structures with special significance.

G. Efendiyev visited the Science and
Technology Center “Geotectonics” in Moscow, where they held a discussion of the new data, obtained in the field of drilling wells with Ph.Ds, Tofik Ismetov, Alexandr Bernstein and professor Alexandr Gusman.