Azeri and Swiss scholars continue researches on radon gas in the country.

Within the framework of “Compilation of radon survey, radon diagnostics and to minimize problems caused by” project held with support of Swiss Science Fund, vital fulfillments are hold by University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland, ANAS Institute of Geology and Ministry of Health of the
Republic of Azerbaijan, Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology.

According to the “Activity Map of radon amount in
Azerbaijan territory” in some parts of the country, including Shamakha there is a need to control the amount of radon.

Currently, the Swiss scholar, Professor Claudio Valsangiakomo, Dr. Luke Pampuri, heads of department of the Institute of Geology - corresponding member of ANAS, Akbar Feyzullayev, head of the project of Azerbaijan side professor Chingiz Aliyev carry out measurements in Shamakha, places where needed, apply modern methods to bring the normal level of the gas in buildings. Via “Radon Scout Plus” scientific research equipment brought from
Switzerland the concentration of radon gas is found in a few hours and are installed ventilations, air pipes and other treatment facilities in wasted homes.

Researches are continued in medical science, geology direction of the
Institute of Geology, the scientists are trying to identify the sources of radon, radon prevention research methods that will be certain – pointed out Ch. Aliyev.

Note that, excess of radon can cause cancer of the lungs for a long time, and it is only second causes of the disease after smoking.