Scientists of University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland and
Institute of Geology of ANAS launched the second stage of project in connection with radon gas distribution in Azerbaijan territory. Project “Survey of radon, radon diagnostics in Azerbaijan and to minimize problems caused by” is run by support of Switzerland Science Fund, the amount of radon area to be abnormal is determined.

Let’s remind that, map of radon activity in
Azerbaijan has been created. According to the map, as a result of the radon distribution in country ecological and man-made areas of damaged were found. Currently, “Radon Scout Plus” scientific research equipment designated for radon determination has been brought from Switzerland. He is able to identify radon concentration in a few hours. If radon found in homes, ventilation, air piping and other treatment facilities will be installed. Chief of Gamma-spectroscopy of geological environment of Institute of Geology, Dr.geology-mineralogy, prof. Chingiz Aliyev stated that, scientists are trying to identify the sources of radon.

It should be noted that, radon is widespread on Earth. He comes to the surface of the earth by means of deep tectonic fractures, infiltrate from cracks on floors, sewer, water and gas pipes and gather in the buildings. This gas can cause cancer of the lungs than the norm, and is the second after smoking among the causes of this disease.