Numerical gravitational models of the deep structure of the Azerbaijan

The implementation of numerical methods of studies of Physics of the Earth allows in a new to interpret geophysical fields, to study history of way evolution of the earth-crust and geodinamic of the region. Therefore, the numerical analysis of gravitation data in Azerbaijan is an actual problem.

Time-space regularities of non-tidal gravity variations and their correlation with modern vertical motions of the earth crust, deep structure and seismically are being studied.

For simultaneous detection of longitudinal and cross-sectional vertical borders of two geologic mediums the gravitational field is transformed in anomalies of a full horizontal gradient.

By trial and error method gravitational models along the regional seismic sections are constructed. The interpretation of gravity anomalies in the Jarly of raise and Padar anticline is given. A capability of compensation of an existing deficiency of weights in these areas by mantle-lithosphere bodies.

The regional and local anomalies in frequency area with the usage of Hartley transformation are determined.

The regional and local anomalies in frequency area of the S. Caucasus and Talysh, despite the distinction of sources of a gravitational field at the present stage are displaced in a north-east direction with identical speed.

On the base of the analysis of the power spectrum it was determined the average depth discrete density boundaries of oil-gas -bearing regions of Azerbaijan. 3D model of a surface of the crystalline basement using the gravitational data with account of density-variation by a quadratic function was constructed.

The physical and mathematical substantiation of development of processes of gravitational instabilities of the Raleigh-Benar, Raleigh-Teylor and Kelvin-Helmots in sedimentary layers of Azerbaijan is given. The capability of explanation with their help of phenomena of reduction of a gradient of temperature, intrastratal migration of hydrocarbon is given. The relations of space and time responses of folds from physical properties of layers of oil-and-gas -bearing region are obtained. The numerical values of variations of a gravitational fields-conditioned by processes of gravitational instabilities, descending in sedimentary layers are obtained.

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