D 7. Estimation of stratigraphic and depth locations of fluids of the Azerbaijan mud volcanoes (by isotope data)

Program Collaborative Call for Young Scientists Fellowships
Azerbaijan - INTAS 2005
Year awarded 2005
  • Ph.D. Ulviyya A. Movsumova
    Geology Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
    29A H.Javid Av., Baku AZ1143, Azerbaijan
    Under the supervision of Prof. Akper A. Feyzullayev, head of oil and gas geology and geochemistry department, Geology Institute of AzNAS, 29A H.Javid Av., Baku AZ1143, Azerbaijan  
INTAS host institution

Supervisor: Dr. Georg Delisle, Bundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften Rohstoffe (BGR)
Geophysics, Marine and Polare Sciences, Stilleweg 2, 30655 Hannover, Germany

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