I. Scientific background of the project

As it is known, the main oil-gas deposits in the South Caspian Basin (SCB) are the deposits of the Productive Series (PS). For this reason, the comprehensive investigations of the PS deposits are of a great scientific and practical importance.

The studies of stratal waters in the PS are of about a centennial period. A significant contribution to the solution of this problem was made by the laboratory “Hydrogeology and hydrochemistry of oil and gas deposits” in Geology Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences GIANAS, which for about of 40 years has been engaged in the development of scientific-methodical bases of the investigations of stratal waters and hydrochemical criteria of regional and local assessment of oil-gas potential of the earth interior and hydrocarbons (HC). A vast scope of hydrochemical investigations has been also implemented in scientific –research institutes and centralized scientific-research laboratories of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR).

II. Objective. Tasks. Information - Methodical Provision

The base of the Hydrochemical atlas of the stratal waters of the lower Pliocene deposits (PS) of the SCB is composed of generalization and systematization of 8233 hydrochemical analyses of the stratal waters and 1342 results of  analyses of amounts of J and Br therein, conducted in GIANAS and SOCAR. The investigations spread all over 42 fields in the SCB including 9 fields of oil-gas regions (OGR) in the Absheron peninsula (Binagady, Bibieibat, Gala, Buzovna-Mashtagi, Lockbatan-Puta, Gushkhana, Surakhany, Balakhany-Sabunchy-Ramany, Karachukhur, Zirya ); 9-OGR in the Absheron archipelago (Gyurgyan-denis, Darvin Kyupyasi, Pirallahhy, Chanub, Neft dashlary, Gyuneshli, Bakhar, Chilov adasi, Gum-deniz); 8-OGR in the Baku archipelago (Kyanizadag, Sangachal-deniz, Duvanny-deniz, Khara-Zirya-deniz, Alyat-denis, Dashgil, Byandovan) and 11-in the lower Kura OGR (Neftchala, Babazanan, Galmas, Mishovdag, Kyurovdag, Kyursangya, Karabagly, Khily, Durovdag, B.Kharami, Pirsagat).

III. Structure of the Atlas

The atlas is a graphic version of hydrochemical investigations of the stratal waters of the PS, carried out by different organizations in different years. It demonstrates quantitative and qualitative peculiarities of spatial variations of main hydrochemical parameters of some fields, OGR and SCB on the whole.

The change of amount of kations in the stratal waters (Na+K+, Ca++, Mg++), anions (Cl-, SO4--, CO3--, HCO3-), naphtene acids and also index of general mineralization are shown in the atlas in the form of graphs. Moreover, in the atlas on the base of V.A. Sulun’s coefficient (coefficient of metamorphization of waters there have been determined genetic types of stratal waters in different intervals of the PS section of some deposits, demonstrated in the form of hydrochemical maps in a structural base (top of the PS).
Amount of microelements (J and Br) in the stratal waters is shown for the section of the PS in the form of hystograms.
Regional hydrochemical maps of the lower and the upper PS according to 9 hydrochemical parameters /Na+K+, Ca++, Mg++, Cl-, HCO3-, CO3--, SO4--,Σ (a+k, Na/Cl/ are also included into the atlas. The atlas is the first graphic generalization of results of hydrochemical investigations of the PS in the SCB and is a very convenient means for geologists and hydrogeologists to solve different scientific and practical problems. The atlas is designed in a colour format A3.

Table 1. The studied oil-gas bearing regions, Azerbaijan

Section Oil-gas bearing region
I. Absheron archipelago
II. Absheron peninsula 
III. Baku archipelago
IV. Lower Kura depression

Table 2. Studied stratigraphic intervals in OGB, Azerbaijan

OGB Intervals
Absheron archipelago
Gyurgyany-deniz, Darvin kyupasi, Pirallarki, Gyuneshli, Chilov adasy, Neft Dashlary, Janub, Bakhar, Gun-deniz
Absheron peninsula 
Gushkhana, Lockbatan-Puta, Binagady, Bibieibat, Gala, Buzovna, Mashtagi, Surakhany, Balakhany-Sabunchu-Ramany, Garachykhyr, Zirya
Baku archipelago
Kyanizadag, Sangachal-deniz, Duvanny-deniz, Khara-Zirya deniz, Akyat-deniz, Dashgil, Byandovan
Lower Kura depression
Neftchala, Babazanan, Galmas, Mishovdag, Kyurovdag, Kyursyangya, Karabagly, Khily, Durovdag, B.Kharami, Pirsagat

IV. Group of Authors

The atlas has been designed in Geology Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (GI ANAS)

Editorial Board

academician. Ali-Zadeh Ak.A.
Editor, work supervisor:  academician Guliyev I.S.
Deputy editor, executive performer: associated member Dr. Feyzullayev A.A.

Table 3: Researchers:
A.A.Feyzullayev Project conception; study coordination
R.A. Gurbanova Study coordination, hydrochemical part, interpretation and generalization of data on all OGB of Azerbaijan listed in Table 1.
S.A. Abbasova Data processing, material compiling, computer design
Z. Sh. Guseinova Data processing, material compiling
A.N. Babazadeh Data processing, material compiling, computer design
A.R.Hamidova Data processing, material compiling, computer design

V. Terms of carrying out the project

For more detailed information please contact:

Prof. Ibrahim S. Guliyev
29A H.Javid Avenue, Baku AZ1143, Azerbaijan
Phone: (99412) 439-56-19; 497-52-84
Fax: (99412) 497-52-85; 497-52-83
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

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