Nagiyev Nagi Firudin oglu

Place of Birth
 Azerbaijan Republic, Lachin region, Minkand village
Date of Birth
 Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University Geological Geography faculty)
Scientific degree
 Philosophy doctor in geology, mineralogy
Topic of PhD thesis:            
-  specialty code
-  specialty name
 Petrography, vulkanology
-  topic name
 Late Jurassic intrusive complex of Lachin anticlinorium of Lesser Caucasus and its ore-presence
Topic of doctoral thesis:
- specialty code
- specialty name
- topic name
Election of corresponding member of ANAS:
- date
- specialty name 
Election of active member of ANAS:
- date
- specialty name 
Total number of printed scientific publications:
- number of scientific publications printed abroad
- number of papers  published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases
Certificates of authorship and number of patents
Staff training:     
- number of  PhD
- number of Doctor of sciences
Main scientific achievements
The determination of the role of crystallization differentiation in the formation of intrusive complex of Lachin anticlinorium, detection of structural features of the region and a number of aqueous sulfate ore minerals that are new for Azerbaijan
Names of scientific works
1. Some features of mineralogical composition and structure of Galadarasi ore manifestation (Lesser Caucasus) Earth science series new 1988 №1

2. Sulphates of ore manifestation of Bululduz (Lesser Caucasus). Earth science series new 1988 №4

3. Petrological-petrochemical features and ore-presence of intrusive complex of Lachin anticlinorium

4. Vejnalinksin filiz yatağında tellurium mineralları (Kiçik Qafqaz dağları) Rumuniya 1995.

5. Vejnalinksin filiz yatağında telluridlərin yeni kəşfi.( Kiçik Qafqaz) Buxarest 1997.
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
Pedagogical activity
Other activities
 The chairman of revision control committe of Free Trade Union committee of ANAS
Awarding and prizes
 Honoured engineer of the Azerbaijan Republic. 2008
Main place of work and its address
Institute of Geology and Geophysics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, H.Javid st., 119, Baku , AZ1143, Azerbaijan 
 The head of department. Technical processing of geological materials
Office phone
 (+994 12) 5393942
 (+994 50) 6401086
Home phone
 (+994 12) 4349398
 (+994 12) 5372285

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