General director of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS

Alizadeh Akif Aghamehdi oghlu

Place of Birth
Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku city
Date of Birth
Geological-exploration faculty of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (now – Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University)
Scientific degree
Doctor of Geological - Mineralogical Sciences
Topic of PhD thesis:
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Paleontology and stratigraphy
The Low Cretaceous belemnites in the south-east Caucasus and their stratigraphic importance
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Paleontology and stratigraphy
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The Cretaceous belemnites in Azerbaijan
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Total number of scientific publications:
255 papers, 9 monographs
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Main scientific achievements:
Acad. Akif Alizadeh – one of the eminent geologist-scientists and a great organizer of science. Field of scientific interests of Acad. A.Alizadeh is regional stratigraphy of Azerbaijan Cretaceous deposits. He supervised and developed stratigraphic scheme for Azerbaijan Cretaceous deposits, large paleontological-stratigraphic material was analyzed and generalized which could reflect contemporary ideas of geological processes; formation of sedimentary, volcanogenic-sedimentary formations, distribution and development of Cretaceous fauna.

On the base of many years thorough studies Acad. Akif Alizadeh formulated the basic concepts of study for Cretaceous Mollusk fauna (belemnites) of Azerbaijan.

There is their classification and phylogeny, morphofunctional analysis; the principles of paleo-biogeographic zoning were worked out; ecology and paleontology problems were covered.

Acad. Akif Alizadeh has identified the stages of spatial-temporal distribution for the Cretaceous Invertebrates in Mediterranean and revealed here appropriate paleo-biogeographic taxons. Study of morphogenesis in historical aspect, definition of tendency in populations nature alteration, identification of heritable morphological changes allowed him to restore a general evolution process of various belemnoides groups.

Acad. Akif Alizadeh carried out basic research on methods of biogeochemical zonation of the Cretaceous basins in Caucasus and on study of geochemical conditions of Paleobasins as evolution factor. On analysis results of microstructural, chemical and crystallochemical peculiarities of matters in skeleton formations of fossils the following was revealed – patterns of migration and concentration for various chemical elements, paleophysiological peculiarities for some taxons, and also there is a description of geochemical ecology for the Cretaceous Invertebrates. For the first time absolute values of Paleo-temperatures of Azerbaijan Cretaceous basins were determined by isotopic Paleothermometry method relatively O18 and O16.

Possessing extensive knowledge Acad. Akif Alizadeh authorizes in solving the questions of regional geology, tectonics, ore geology and hydrogeology; over the last years he has paid a great attention to the geoecology – new scientific direction which became a priority in his Institute activity. The representatives of scientific society such as A.P.Pavlov and G.Y.Krymgoltz appreciate a great contribution of Ak.A.Ali-Zade to study of fossils – endocochlia cephalopoda and his merits as Azerbaijan scientist in study of Cretaceous belemnites. In honour of Ak.A.Ali-Zade a new family of belemnoids was named – “Akifibelids” (1984).

He was awarded by State Prize of the Republic of Azerbaijan (jointly with authors team) for a number of works on paleontology and stratigraphy of the Cretaceous deposits (1991).

At the initiative and under the authority of Acad. Akif Alizadeh foundation departments of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (2012) and Baku State University (2013) are formed in Institute of Geology and Geophysics.

To protect integration of science and education, acceleration of development for scientific and human resources and to raise the interest of youth to science Master Courses was found in Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (2014) at the initiative and under the authority of Ak.A.Ali-Zade.
Names of scientific works:
1. Geology of Azerbaijan. V.1. Stratigraphy. Part 2. Mesozoic & Cenozoic. Chapter IV. Cretaceous system. Baku, Nafta-Press. 2007. pp. 107-228. (Co-authors: Kh.Aliyulla, R.N.Mammadzade, A.G.Khalilov et al.)

2. Earth sciences: Is sustainable development possible? Proceedings of ANAS. The Sciences of Earth. 2007. N 1, pp. 3-20.

3. Minerals of Azerbaijan. Encyclopedia. Baku, Nafta-Press. 2008. 361p. (Co-authors: M.I.Chiragov, S.F.Velizade, H.A.Veliyev).

4. The flagman of basic geological science in Azerbaijan. Proceedings of ANAS. The Sciences of Earth. 2008. N 2, pp. 3-16.

5. New horizons of Azerbaijan geological science. Proceedings of ANAS. The Sciences of Earth. 2010. N 1, pp. 3-24.

6. Necessity of interdisciplinary scientific research in the Caspian Sea. Proceedings of ANAS. The Sciences of Earth. 2010. N 4, pp. 3-5.

7. Biologic Accumulation Levels of Chemical Elements in Mollusk Shelles of Deep Biofacies Marmara Sea, Turkey. International Scientific journal Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Oil-Gas Basins. 2010. № 1, pp. 3-18. (Co-authors: S.Aliyev, A.Sari).

8. Mineralogical Investiqation of Mollusk Skeletals in south and Southwest Marmara Basin,Turkiey. International Scientific journal Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Oil-Gas Basins. 2010. № 2, pp. 3-12. (Co-authors: S.Aliyev, A.Sari).

9. Kinematics of the Main Caucasus Thrust near Baku, Azerbaijan. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2011, 1, 02 (Co-authors: M.A.Floyd, F.A.Kadirov, I.Guliyev, R.E.Reilinger, S.Kuleli et al.)

10. 20 years Azerbaijan independence and the Geology Institute. Baku, Nafta-Press, 2011. 112 p.

11. Intelligent seismoacoustic system for monitoring the beginning of anomalous seismic process.. Seismic instruments, 2011. vol. 47, № 1. (Co-authors: T.A.Aliyev, G.D.Etirmishli, G.A.Guluev, F.G.Pashaev, A.G.Rzaev).

12. Depositional environment and chemostratigraphy of the Pliocene Productive Series, South Caspian basin. Modern problems of geology and geophysics of Caucasus. Bakı, Nafta-Press, 2012. pp. 7-26. (Co-authors: E.Aliyeva).

13. Kinematics of the eastern Caucasus near Baku, Azerbaijan. Natural hazards, 2012, 63 (2), 997-1006 (Co-authors: F.Kadirov, M.Floyd, I.Guliyev, R.Reilinger, S.Kuleli et al.)

14. Late pleistocene-holocene Caspian sea level and climate changes. The EDGE of Sea: Sediments, Geomorphlogy, Tectonics, and Stratigraphy in Quaternary Studies. 2012. (26-30, Septembr. Sassari, Sardinia, Italy). (Co-authors: E.Aliyeva et al.).

15. The Elemental Stratigraphy of the South Caspian Lower Pliocene Productive Series. STRATI, 2013, 827-831 (Co-authors: E.Aliyeva, D.Huseynov, I.Guliyev).

16. Палиностратиграфия и условия формирования майкопской свиты Шамаха-Гобустанской области Азербайджана. Вестник Пермского Университета, серия геология. 2014, вып. 4 (25), С. 8-21. (Соавторы: Е.Н.Тагиева, Ш.Ш.Байрамова).

17. Методологические проблемы исследования геосистем. Вопросы философии. 2015. № 6, С. 85-89. (Соавторы: Х.А.Али-заде, Е.Н.Лятифова).

18. Geosciences of Azerbaijan. Volume I: Geology. Springer. 2016. 237 p. (Co-authors: I.S.Guliyev, F.A.Kadirov, L.V.Eppelbaum).

19. Geosciences of Azerbaijan. Volume II: Economic Geology and Applied Geophysics. Springer. 2016. 340 p. (Co-authors: I.S.Guliyev, F.A.Kadirov, L.V.Eppelbaum).
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
President of the Azerbaijan National Committee of Geologists;

Chairman of Caucasian Regional Interdepartmental Stratigraphic Commission (Cauc. RISC);

Member of the Guardianship Councils of the Science Development Fund under President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and of the Scientific Fund under Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.

Chairman of the Guardianship Council of the knowledge Fund under Azerbaijan Republic President.
Pedagogical activities:
Baku State University, geological faculty
Other activities:
Awarding and prizes:
Medal for Valorous Labour – 1970;

Badge of Honor Order – 1986;

Honored publicman of Science of Azerbaijan Republic – 1991;

Azerbaijan Republic State Award Prizer – 1991;

Order “Shohrat” – 2004;

Order “Sharaf” – 2008;

Was elected as foreign member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences – 2014;

Badge of Honor “Knight of Science and Art” of Russian Academy of
Natural Sciences – 2014;

Order “Istiglal” (Independence) – 2014.

“Azerbaijani Pomegranate” lapel badge - 27.12.2018;

Medal and diploma named after academician A.A. Borisyak, 2019

"Labour" Order , 1st class, 2019
Место работы и адрес
Republic of Azerbaijan, Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, 119, H. Javid ave., Baku, AZ1143, Azerbaijan Republic
General director of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS
Office phone
(+994 12) 5372287
Home phone
(+994 12) 4925956

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