Center of shared analytical instruments and equipments

Head of centre Sadigov Nazim Magerram ogly

Tel: (994 12) 539 34 40
E-mail: [email protected]

Centre of analytical works is equipped by state-of-the-art facilities of leading global producers.

The main task of Centre – qualitative and prompt performance of the analyses
Analyses are carried out on International (Germany, Japan, Russia) standards and methods. Objects of research are mineral raw material (ore and nonore), soil (chemical composition, microelements), wastes of mining and agricultural production, and also drinking and industrial water, any inorganic (hard and liquid) matters.

The subdivisions have been formed in the centre realizing below mentioned:
  1. Samples receiving and preparation for analysis (using automatic complex “Herzog”, autoclave-microwave oven Sineo MBES-86).
  2. Optico-microscopic analysis (scanning electron microscope JEOL JSM 6610 LV):
3. Mass-spectrometric analysis (mass-spec-trometry with inductive-connected plasma ICP-MS 7700e). This method is based on use of inductive-connected plasma as source of ions and mass-spectrometry for their division and detection. It allows to conduct isotope analysis of selected ion.
4. Atomic-absorption, flame-photometric analyses (Agilent technologies 200 series AA).
5. X-ray spectroscopic analysis (multichan-nel X-ray spectrometer RFA, universal X-ray spectrometer S 8 TIGER).
6. X-ray phase analysis (X-ray difractometer Miniflex 600): Full chemical and mineralogical analyses are carried out in the Centre for the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Institutes of ANAS and on a paying basis for other organizations

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