Department of Hydrogeology and geoecology

Head of department Dr. Mammadov Vagif Aga Ali oglu

Tel.: +(99412) 5100141 (ext. 226)
Fax: +(99412) 5372285
E-mail: [email protected]

The department of Hydrogeology and geoecology had been established in 2020 on the base of department of Hydrogeology and engineering geology (2006) and Geoecology (2013).

Fast rates of development of the national economy and increase of impact of the anthropogenic factors in 80s had caused the study of influence of the technogenic processes upon the geological environment and the underground hydrosphere. The classification system of the anthropogenic processes had been developed with definition of groups and types of the anthropogenic loads, their influence upon the geodynamic and hydrochemical changes of the geological environment and the groundwater as the most mobile component of the geological environment had been evaluated as well.

The department members participated at the various local and international funds (EİF, NATO, Royal Society of Great Britain, Fulbright, USA State Department, Soros, Eurasia, UNESCO, etc.) within the grant projects as well as in contract studies with foreign companies (Unical, BP, Exxon).

The research priorities of the present department are the system study and simulation of impact of the natural and anthropogenic factors over the complex of spatial-time changes occurring in the Earth crust within the republic.

Main research areas:

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