Department of geotectonics and regional geology

Head of department Dr., corresponding member of ANAS Kangarli Talat Nasrulla oglu

Tel.: +(99412) 5394476
Fax: +(99412) 5394476
E-mail: [email protected]

Department was established in 2011 resulting from reorganization of the Department of Geodynamics and Seismology.

Main areas of research:

Major scientific achievements:

Contribution to development of the following scientific summaries:
  1. Explanatory note to the International Tectonic Map of the Caspian Sea and its’ coastal areas. Moscow: Nauchniymir, 2003 (in Russian);
  2. Geology of Azerbaijan, vol. IV, Tectonics. Baku: Nafta-Press, 2005 (in Russian);
  3. F.S. Ahmedbeyli, M.I. Isayeva, F.A. Garidov, V.V. Korobanov. Neotectonic Stage Geodynamics of the Caucasus Segment of Alpine-Himalayan Orogenic Belt. Baku:Nafta-Press, 2010(in Russian);
  4. The modern problems of geology and geophysics of Eastern Caucasus and the South Caspian depression. Baku: Nafta-Press, 2012;
  5. Geology of Azerbaijan Republic, Vol. I, Baku: Nafta-Press, 2014 (in Azeri).

Department’s specialists are the authors of following books published after gaining of the national independence:
  1. A.Sh. Shikhalibeyli. Geology and Mineral Resources of the Mountainous Garabagh of Azerbaijan. Baku: Elm, 1994 (in Russian);
  2. A.Sh. Shikhalibeyli. Some Problematic Issues of the Geological Structure and Tectonics of Azerbaijan.Baku: Elm, 1996 (in Russian);
  3. F.S. Ahmedbeyli. Neotectonics and Some Aspects of Late-orogenic Geodynamics of Azerbaijan. Baku: Nafta-Press, 2004 (in Russian);
  4. F.S. Ahmedbeyli, A.G. Hasanov. Tectonic Types of the Seismic Focuses of Azerbaijan. Baku: Elm, 2004(in Russian);
  5. F.S. Ahmedbeyli. Volcanos and Earthquakes of the Earth. Baku: Nafta-Press, 2011(in Russian);
  6. T.N.Kangarli, Sh.A. Babayev. Geological heritage of Azerbaijan Republic. Baku: “Qoliaf qrup”, 2012;
  7. T.N.Kangarli, Sh.A. Babayev. Geological Heritage of Azerbaijan Republic (in Azeri and Russian). Baku: Nafta-Press, 2013.

International relations and cooperation:

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