Department of ore-magmatic systems

Acting head of department: PhD. Kerimov Rauf Balaahmed oglu

Tel.: +(99412) 5105618
Fax: +(99412) 4975285
E-mail: [email protected]

The department was formed on the base of “Metallogeny” department in 2012.

The main scientific directions of the department:

Different complexes of Yurassic volcanism have been explored, bimodal development bajocian volcanism has been set, geological and petrological peculiarities of indicator rocks of basalt-andesite-dacite-rhyolite formations of Bth (Bathonian age) was studied, homodromous type of the development of bathian volcanism was revealed, relationship of every series rocks and cross petrochemical zonality in the distribution of the series of kimmerridgian basalt-andesite-dacitic formation was established. Accurate cross zonality of the distribution of rare-earth elements was set within the island arc of the Lesser Caucasus both in a series of volcanoes and in Mesozoic complex.

Scientific-research works of geotechnological field was conducted for the first time in Azerbaijan in the direction of development methods of underground leaching of noble metals with the help of environmentally sound leaching solution. The development of this direction was supported with the special disposal of the Cabinet of Ministers (23.01.08. N-22s). Special attention was paid to the definition of a complex of environmental measures.

There are a number of different deposits and manifestations of noble metals in Azerbaijan located in an inaccessible place either in the industrial or in the protected area. The exploitation of these ore objects by classic methods is not efficient both from the economical and ecological point of view.

For the first time in Azerbaijan scientific research work on the technology of environmentally friendly underground leaching was carried out for the extraction of gold and accompanying elements from ore with the help of computer and experimental modeling. The optimal technological regime of the extraction of gold and accompanying metals was developed for the chosen ore objects.

The model developed in the laboratory has been tested successfully in large modeling-research simulators and also in the ore object. “Mobile pilot complex” was constructed in order to realize new technological process over the ore deposits.

New technological method allowing to give direction and regulate the movement of the solutions under the ground is protected by patent.

The general view of “Mobile pilot complex” tested in Gedebey deposit. Grant project of Science Development Fund by the President of Azerbaijan Republic on a topic of the investigation of geotechnological work in Gedebey ore field with the application of harmless chlorite method was realized by Agayev Ali Nasir oglu (01.6.2012-01.06. 2013 years) and as a result chlorite technology equal to and even much better than classic cyanide technology that can be applied in different types of fields including Gedebey region of Azerbaijan was developed as a result of laboratory experiments conducted on the other project of the same fund, the development of in situ leaching technology of gold and other noble elements from gold-carrying black shales of Duruja structure in the southern slope of Greater Caucasus main geotechnological properties of gold containing object-filtration coefficient, degree of extraction of the metal from ore, average quantity of metal in commercial solutions, have been defined.

The collaborators of the department take part in the compilation of the volumes of “The atlas of hard ore and non-metallic minerals of Azerbaijan” and “Geological encyclopedia of the Azerbaijan Republic” (“the chapter of Mineralogy” and “Ore minerals”).

Test "A mobile pilot complex” in the Gadabay field

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