Department of basin modeling and geotechnologies

Head of department Dr. Huseinov Dadash Aga-Javad oglu

Tel.: +(99412) 5109523
Fax: +(99412) 5372285
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

“Basin modeling and geotechnologies” department was organized in 2009 on the base of “Geophysical well logging (GWL) analysis of geological-geophysical data” department.

Scientific direction: fluid dynamics; modeling of sedimentation process in time and space; hydrocarbons formation and fluids migration; thermobaric conditions of sedimentary basins; assessment of hydrocarbon potential; reservoir characteristics and phase conditions of fluids at large depths.

The main results:
Study was conducted within International Research Project with Delft Technology University and International Airospace Centre of Netherlands on investigation of hydrocarbon fluid manifestations by digital processing methods and image spectral analysis of multichannel space data.

Within Research Project with NASA space monitoring of fluid activity carried out in water area of Absheron Peninsula by using data of ASTER scanner from TERRA platform.

Algorithm was developed and GWL of Azerbaijan mud volcanoes was made with dimensional-time correlation of mud volcanic and seismic events in region.

Department members participate in International Research Projects by grant support USTC, INTAS, CRDF, UNESCO and also joint projects with leading oil companies such as BP, OMV, RWE, Statoil, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and others.

          Interactive lithological-facial map of
one geochrono- logical section with all thematic layers.

  3D geological model of SCD northern area



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