Department of geochemistry and fluid dynamics of sedimentary basins

Head of department Dr., professor, corresponding member of ANAS Feyzullayev Akbar Akbar oglu

Tel.: +(99412) 5101163
Fax: +(99412) 5372285
E-mail: [email protected]

The main directions:

The main scientific achievements:

Study of oil systems in South Caspian Basin (SCB):

During mud volcanism (MV) investigation:

In field of geoecology:

International cooperation:
Since 1993 the collaborators of department within cooperation between Geology Institute of ANAS and foreign companies, International Research Centres of America: AMOCO, Exxon, Chevron, First Change APTI, ARCO companies, Universities of South Carolina and Utah; Europe: BP, Robertson, Geochem Group, Colin Jones ltd, Zasmomonument, Amerada Hess (UK), Beicip Franlab (France); Statoil (Norway); Wintershall and RWE (Germany); OMV (Austria); Marmara Research Center (Turkey); ZUK oil, Rosneft (Russia); and Asia: JNOC (Japan) actively worked in development of problem of oil and gas geology and geochemistry of the South Caspian oil and gas bearing province and adjacent areas.

Participation in Grant Programmes:
Department’s collaborators jointly with colleagues from different countries participate in fulfillment of 13 International and Republican grant programmes. Within Cariplo Foundation (Italy) the head of department A. A. Feizullayev was twice in academic trip (during 3 months) in Italy: Universities of Florence and Pavia; he was invited also to present scientific paper in Universities of Oklakhoma (USA), of Bologna (Italy), and also in Research Centre GFZ in Potsdam (Germany).

Preparation of Staff:
Over 20 years 10 Ph D defended their theses. Head of department A.A.Feizullayev is also a Professor of basic faculty in Azerbaijan State Oil Academy which formed at Geology Institute of ANAS. He is a supervisor for masters.

For period 2003-2013 about 155 scientific works (monographs, articles, brochures, education books, theses) were published. Among them 96 was published abroad. The department members present their papers in International and Republican Forums. 

     Change patterns of quantitative characteristics of
Maykop deposits organic matter in space of SCB western flank


   Dependence between isotopic composition of carbon,
saturated hydrosolvents of organic matter and SCB oils

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