Department of mud volcanism

Head of department Dr., professor Aliyev Adil Abas Ali oglu

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Azerbaijan and adjacent Caspian water area are a unique and classical region of mud volcanism development over the planet; about 400 terrestrial and marine mud volcanoes (active, extinct, buried, underwater, insular, abundant oil emitting) are concentrated here.

More than 50 years mud volcanoes have been studying at the Institute of geology. At the beginning of 70-ies the Institute was affirmed as the head organization on study of mud volcacanoes of Alpine folded belt in the South of the former USSR.

The main research trends are the following:

The results of long standing complex investigations of mud volcanoes are:

Ecological problems:

The results of carried out geologo-geochemical investigation of mud volcanoes are reflected in the following scientific publications: “Atlas of mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan”, (1971), “Map of mud volcanoes in oil and gas bearing regions of Azerbaijan”, scale 1:500000 (1978), in books “Mud volcanism of the Soviet Union and its connection with oil and gas content” (1980), “Mud volcanoes and their role in oil and gas content prediction” (1987), “Map of mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan and adjacent Caspian water area”, scale 1:500000, compiled on geodynamic basis (2003), “Geological map of Gobustan mud volcanoes”, scale 1:100000 (2003), “Cataloques of recorded mud volcano eruptions in Azerbaijan for a period 1810-2007” (2002 and 2009) in Russian and English, “Mud volcano activity modeling in connection with oil-gas content prediction” (2007) and also in many scientific international and republican publications. Atlas of the world mud volcanoes in Azeri, English and Russian is being prepared for the press.

 Gryphons in crater field of the onshore mud volcano 

The island mud volcano

The submarine mud volcano in the Nakhchyvansky block

“Catalogue of mud volcanoes eruptions
of Azerbaijan” (1810-2007)


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