The Young Scientists’ Council of ANAS Institute of Geology holds Olympiad for secondary school students of
Baku on theme “World in the eyes of future geologists”. The aim is to stimulate students' interest on Earth sciences in future education choice. Olympiad will be held between the 8-11th grade students.

In the first stage of the Olympiad, scientists of the institute will familiar the students with Geology science, including knowledge on volcano, earthquake, landslide, oil, gas and mineral waters. In the second stage, students should prepare written papers on various aspects of the earth sciences, and submit to the jury panel. The panel includes scientists of the
Institute of Geology and school teachers.

The second stage of the Olympiad will begin on February 1. Students from different fields of earth sciences to prepare the written reports and should be submitted to the jury until the 20th of the month. Evaluation of the submitted works will be completed on March 2.

In the third stage on March 5, the jury will determine the winners. Winners will be evaluated with diplomas, certificates and incentive prizes.

This kind of Olympiads can increase enthusiasm to scientific knowledge among students, develop students' talent and potential - stated vice-president of ANAS, director of the above mentioned institute, acad. Akif Alizadeh.

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