Ph.D. Theses

Geochemical regime of fluids in seismogenic areas of south-eastern slope of Greater Caucasus

Abdulrazagova Parvana Azhdar

2503.01 – Geochemistry, geochemical methods of mineral exploration

In this dissertation work the author presents the results of comprehensive analysis and interpretation of data for 14 years (1999-2012) according to seismic and geochemical monitoring of fluids in Shamakhi and Ismayilli regions of Azerbaijan. This region is located within the Azeri part of the south-eastern slope of the Greater Caucasus meganticlinorium, is characterized by the high seismic activity in the Republic and belongs to Shamakhi and Ismayilli seismogenic zones.

"Atlas of identification of strong earthquakes in Azerbaijan on the basis of geochemical anomalies of fluids in Shamakhi and Ismayilli seismogenic zones". was compliteded.

It was found that the anomalies in geochemical flieds of fluids arise only at the final stage of preparation of earthquakes in Shamakhi and Ismayilli seismogenic zones.

For the first time as a result of long-term monitoring of geochemical flieds in Shamakhi and Ismayilli seismogenic zones based on combinations of geochemical parameters 5 micro seismic zones were allocated.

The regularities in the informative combinations of geochemical parameters were identified that indicate the activation of mud and volcanic processes in specific micro seismic zones.

Universal descriptiveness of hidro-geochemical parameter - sulfate ion (SO4) for all earthquakes was estabilished, the sources of which are located within the zone of Vandam fault.