Ph.D. Theses

Development of gas-hydrodynamic methods of operation of pumping wells

Gurbanova Turkan Haydar

2525.01 - Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields

This dissertation work is devoted to increasing technological parameters of wells operation flowing by pumping method which is due to regulatory process of the production rate of the associated reservoir gas. The dissertation work consists of introduction, four chapters, conclusions, reference list. The questions of the dissertation theme actuality, work objective, considered problems, their solution methods, scientific novelty, practical value, approbation degree and etc. are presented in Introduction.

The first chapter of the dissertation deals with questions of the state of the considered problem knowledge and the relationship to the associated reservoir gas for improvement of the technological parameters of wells operation and their losses stop. It has been determined that reservoir gas losses with the transition to the closed system of the wells production gathering are significantly reduced at present but the problems of improvement of the technological processes parameters don’t pay attention. In the past the gas control works were conducted which prevented the pump operation but in dissertation work the gas in the contrary is used to improve the pump operation.

In other chapters of the dissertation it is given solutions of the theoretical problems connected with the reservoir gas sampling that has been tested on the basis of analysis of laboratory and field experiments of other authors known from reference and field experiments conducted by the applicant.

New technological processes according to improvement of the operational efficiency of the pumping operation method in conditions of the reservoir gas show have been developed, such as: choice of the submergence depth of deep-well pump; providing the profitable operation of each well and horizon; research method of the pumping wells; centrifugal pump unit is model of the drainage area of wells and the basis of the drainage area research; operating efficiency of pump and using well production as sealing system according to “microcrack-fluid” effect; without packer technology of pumping operation method; providing stable operation of the drainage area, approaching wells production rate to its potential production rate; assessment of the degree of the used oil reserve in the drainage area.

The reliability of the used models and different approaches has been tested on the basis of other authors’ data.

The obtained results and developed technologies can be widely used in the field conditions and scientific investigations.