Ph.D. Theses

Study of geological building within intra Cretaceous layers in case of structures on Yevlakh-Akdjebedy sagging based on seismic data

Niyazov Tarverdi Khanali oglu

2507.01 - Geophysics, geophysical methods of reconnaissance of the minerals

The main goal of this thesis is to define an origin of reflected waves registered within seismic sections corresponding to Cretaceous interval and analyze their internal geological characteristics in case of several oil and gas perspective structures in South-Western side of Yevlakh-Akdjebedy sagging.

It has been build a vertical spectrum of CMP gather velocity, average velocity and velocity reduced by law in order to solve the given challenges. It has also been built fragments of time sections given by velocity laws. All these study gave us a clue to define that non continuous reflections registerred within Cretaceous interval on time sections (CMP) are not multiple waves; they are primary reflected waves which could be related to volcanogenic sediments that were determined by drilling.

Geological interpretation of the intervals below Top Mesozoic in seismic sections and first building of intra Cretaceous structural maps were done based on results getting from velocity analysis of reflected waves.

In this thesis it has also built (by seismic data) and illustrated new structural maps of Cretaceous layers for all areas of study; it has been built single structural maps of Cretaceous surface covering North-Western and South-Eastern sides of the sagging; it has been done comparison of structural maps (of all study areas) corresponding to Top and intra Cretaceous intervals and it was defined significant differences in terms of geological building; it has been given some recommendations in order to understand geological building of non-studied or poorly studied perspective areas defined by built single structural maps of Yevlakh-Akdjebedy sagging and proposals to conduct 2D and 3D seismic survey to better understand intra Cretaceous intervals on the South-Western side of the sagging.