January 26, 2021

The scientists of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics – ScD in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor Musa Mammadov, ScD in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor Mirali Aliosmanov have invented a new type of natural fertilizer based on high-potassium latite and phonolite. The sources of natural raw materials are widely distributed in the Yardymly and Lerik regions of the Talysh zone. In economic geology, these areas have a simple topography and infrastructure.

The samples of the above-mentioned rocks were loosed and mixed with phosphorite and organic compounds in various proportions to obtain this mineral fertilizer (invention No. 2019 0052). Currently, this fertilizer is used in the corresponding farms of the country.

On the territory of the country the titanium magnetite resources are in sufficient quantities. Its weak manifestations can be used. The IGG scientists found vanadium, cobalt and nickel in the weak manifestations of titanium magnetite. Using a magnetic separator the concentration of pure titanium magnetite was obtained by degradation of fine sandstones to the fine fraction (0.025 mm). From this fraction the compounds of oxides of titanium, vanadium, cobalt and nickel were able to separate by analytical-chemical method. The obtained fraction can be used in the defense industry.

As a result of scientific researches, the manifestations of mordenite tuff as a natural adsorbent were also found in sufficient quantities in the Talysh zone. In agriculture, these manifestations allow to keep up the normally the moisture and the nitrogen concentration in soil.

Thus, due to new fertilizers it will be possible to significantly improve the ecological quality of agricultural products.