January 19, 2021

The Institute of Geology and Geophysics established “Geoservice IGG” LLC in order to improve the researches in the field of geophysics and geodesy, including geology, and for wider application of research results in the country. The website of the new organization was also set up.

At a meeting with the director of the IGG Akif Alizadeh the Deputy Director for general issues, PhD, associate professor Samir Mammadov spoke about the tasks that face “Geoservice IGG” LLC. S. Mammadov presented the website of the organization. S. Mammadov said that along with the new approaches development of engineering researches, the “Geoservice IGG” will conduct comprehensive geological-geophysical studies of roads and railways, residential and industrial buildings, landslide zones in the areas of oil and gas fields and hydraulic structures. The geodetic surveys and topographic planning, local geodetic monitoring of surface deformations and geological hazards, assessment of geological hazards, installation and operation of a local satellite geodetic network along main pipelines, highways and high-voltage power lines will also be carried out.

The Deputy Director informed that studies of geological processes, phenomena (caverns, caves, landslides, migrations, mud volcanoes, etc.) and geothermal water will be carried out; seismic microzoning and seismic hazard assessment, risk analysis of oil and gas pipelines, hydrogeological analysis (groundwater finding, physical and chemical analysis), detection of local faults and seismic hazard were determined. Consulting on geothermal energy; identification of geopathogenic zones (in Baku and the territory of other cities), study and chemical analysis of zones of gas release to the surface.

Samir Mammadov said that the new LLC will carry out environmental monitoring, works on archaeological geophysics, including the discovery of archaeological sites (barrows, walls, etc.), the study of the internal structure of complex archaeological objects (barrows, etc.), shallow geological section, monitoring the dynamics of saturated soils in objects located in active zones. The activities of the “Geoservice IGG” LLC also include geophysical studies of constructional materials deposits, geochemical analysis of rocks and water, petrographic study of rocks, mineralogical analysis, microfaunistic areas and other research works.

At the end, S. Mammadov noted that the scientific results of the performed works will be posted on the website in Azerbaijani, Russian and English.