October 29, 2020

The research team of the winners of the 2019 grant competition, announced by the SOCAR Science Foundation, continues the research in accordance with the general and individual plans for the research implementation on “Development of the detection methods of non-structural traps in the South Caspian basin based on seismic data and gravity survey” (02 LR ANAS). The research team consists of the employees of the ANAS Institute of Oil and Gas, of the ANAS Institute of Geology Geophysics and of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic. The grant project execution is 18 months and will end on March 10, 2021.

The Head of research team is the director of the ANAS Institute of Oil and Gas, academician Fakhraddin Kadirov.

During the meetings the results of research were discussed. The models of unstructural hydrocarbon traps were selected. At the second stage of the research, the geophysical wavefields were calculated on the base of the selected models. The compossibility of the seismic and gravimetric research methods was studied.
On the base of the conducted work, it was determined that the probable hydrocarbon traps are located at different depths of the geological section. Their solubility was determined both in the vertical and horizontal directions considering their dimensions.

A number of methodical indicators were determined for non-anticlinal hydrocarbon traps search and prediction of their geological section. The obtained research results were approximated and were recognized as positive.

The group is currently continuing work according to research plan