Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS held a seminar on "Strain range accuracy and stability of the parameters of the theoretical model of the internal structure of the Earth." In the event, chief of Department of geomechanics and tectonophysics of the Institute, Academician Hatam Guliyev noted that the seminar was organized within the framework of the project entitled "Complex theoretical and experimental studies of interdisciplinary problems of geomechanics." Resolution of the Presidium "On the research programs recommended by the Presidium of ANAS" dated February 11, 2015, the project is carried out at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, in cooperation with the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Republican Seismological Survey Center, Baku State University and Yildiz Technical University of Turkey.

In his extensive report on the subject, academician noted that the issue of determining the density of the geological environment and other physical parameters of the Earth protects its relevance to this day. There are numerous research papers on this issue.

The scientist commented on the results of research of these issues on the basis of the nonlinear theory of deformations by non-classical approach. Speaking about the main essence of the work, he said that, all the studied parameters dependence on deformation are defined and set the reality of intervals among these dependencies. This idea will settle with general indicator functions of deformations. On the other hand, the deformation is directly measurable fundamental physical parameter. Therefore the realized deformation mechanisms occurring in geodynamic processes were studied in a more accurate and scientifically credible theories.

Deformation in solids (including subsurface), emerging periodically only within certain circles, ensures the homogeneity of the structure of the medium, that is the initial homogeneous state is maintained until the end of the deformation process. Within these circles equilibrium becomes stable. Code value of deformation comes to these limits there is a change of balance, resulting in impaired uniformity of the state of deformation of the medium voltage. In this connection there is the need to take into account these changes in fluid density and other parameters of the internal structure of the Earth. These questions have been investigated in the framework of convergence of Lagrange on the basis of large deformations.

On the basis of these results is preparing a scientific paper.

The report aroused great interest on the participants of the seminar, were responded questions. The event ended after the discussion of research results.