The following assembly of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences was held, May 15, 2013.

The event was opened by the president of ANAS, academician Akif Alizadeh, he informed about the agenda. The session was devoted to the discussion of 12 on the scientific, lecture, scientific-innovative and scientific-organizational issues.

First, prof., Luciano Teleska well-known scholar of the National Science Council of Italy, Institute of Methodology for the Environmental Analysis, made speech on “Clusters separation of dynamics of earthquakes time series: Application in Apsheron-Balkans zone”. Seismic events that occurred in the zone of the Baltic, scientist Absheron-informed about the dynamics of the time series, cluster analysis, and multidimensional alignment method of seismic events with a time range defined in patterns, periods of strong seismic events, earthquakes in this zone were investigated and the interactions among them non-puasson distribution was found to be subject to.

The scientist performed about time series dynamics of seismic accidents. Through cluster analysis and multidimensional grouping methods of seismic accidents in a time diapason had been defined, periods of stag seismic accidents, their interaction studied and non earth non - puasson distribution are obeyed in this zone.

The report co-authors, acad-secretary of ANAS, department of Earth sciences corresponding member of ANAS Fakhraddin Gadirov and ANAS Institute of Geology researcher, PhD, docent, Gulam Babayev informed about the recent information about the time of Balkan seismicity as a result of studies. For the first time, non-random seismic accidents had been identified, secret periods detected, the lowest and highest values of strong and medium earthquakes group magnitudes determined, they mentioned.

Note that, seismic accidents took place in the studied and neighborhood territories have been measured quantatively with the help of deterministic and probability approaches existing in the world practice. Obtained achievements published in impact factored journals “Natural Hazards and Earthquake Systems Science (NHESS)”.

ANAS vice-president, acad. Ibrahim Guliyev informed about “Accelerating activities on the execution of National Strategy and State Program for science development”. Execution process of National Strategy and State Program, which aimed at modernization of Azerbaijani science and execution of multi aspect measures in this direction, would be completed by 2015, he said. Ibrahim Guliyev called all related structures of ANAS to take part in this activity closely.

After discussions acad. I. Guliyev appointed responsible person for the State Program execution from the Presidium of ANAS, and entrusted to develop new proposals to structural department and research institutions of Central Body of ANAS related to execution of National Strategy and State Program.

ANAS academic-secretary, director of ANAS Institute of Information Technology prof. Rasim Alguliyev presented report on the Approval of Action Plan related to the announcement of 2013 Year of Ict in the
Republic of Azerbaijan approved by the decree of the President.

He gave information about the issues of the Action Plan, development of AzScienceNet infrastructure all over the country, enrichment of Azeri contents and Wikipedia resources, support for ICT researches and other missions of the
Institute of Information Technology.

The scientist mentioned the tasks within the frame of “ICT Year” which includes the monitoring of insurance of the institute and organ of ANAS with ICT, Newinternet services provided for AzScienceNet users, national-cultural values of Azerbaijani people, historical realities, uploading contents about well-knowing people in Wikipedia, access to the Thomson Reuters and etc.

Develop promotion spread of information resources about provided for the Azerbaijanis living abroad had been included to this Action Plan, as well, he stressed. Additionally, he informed organization of online joint forums, development of online media, “Online thought bank” establishment and etc.

The Action Plan was highly appreciated and approved by the members of Presidium of ANAS.


Head of ANAS scientific-organization department, PhD in maths, Aminaga Sadigov informed about grant project competition for the scientists of ANAS to develop studies, fundamental researchers and applications announced for 2013 by the Science Fund of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) funded by the President; 66 projects were presented. 

Competition Commission is taking proper measures for objective estimation of the projects by the experts.

Afterwards, a number of scientific-organizational problems were discussed.

Former president of ANAS, acad. Hasan Abdullayev’s 95th jubilee, appointment of the director of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS, prof. Misir Mardanov to the position of scientific board chairman of the institute, partial changes in the scientific board structures of the Institute of Physics and Central Botanical Garden, prominent literalist Firudin bey Kocherli’s 150th jubilee, notable economist, acad. Ahmad Muradov’s 90th jubilee and other events have been discussed to be held.

Finally, detailed discussions were held, recommendations and proposals were presented.