ANAS Institute of Geology signed a cooperation contract with National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (UNAS) Department of Marine Geology and
SedimentaryOre formation. Contract signed by vice-president of ANAS, acad. Akif Alizadeh and chief of organization in Ukraine acad. Yevgeni Shyukov, intends to conduct joint investigations in mud volcanoes, oil and gas, petrology, geodynamics, hydrogeology and other fields, to exchange experiences, as well as implementation of mutual working visits in 2013.

Acad. A. Alizadeh noted that, the above-mentioned document is the second contract after the agreement with the
Institute of Geology of the RussianAcademy of Sciences in 2011 within the frame of CIS countries. Chief of “Mud volcanism” department of the Institute of Geology (Ukraine), Dr.geology-mineralogy, prof. Adil Aliyev delivered a lecture on “Azerbaijans mud volcanoes: distribution patterns, tectonics and earthquakes in touch”.

A. Aliyev met with UNAS Department of Earth Sciences, as well as chiefs of Geophysics and Geology institutions. The meeting discussed the possibilities of future cooperation between the authorities and
Institute of Geology, an oral agreement was reached on joint investigations in certain areas.