July 5, 2021

The mud volcano eruption was recorded on the Dashly island in the Caspian Sea. The eruption took place on July 4 at 21:51, on the Dashly island, in the oil and gas- bearing zone of the Baku archipelago. The mud volcano is located about 75 km southwest of Baku and is considered one of the active mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan. The last eruption of the Dashly mud volcano was recorded in 1945.

The height of the pillar of fire exceeded 50 m. It is expected that it is connected with long-term “den up” and high energy storage.

Compared to the relatively large island volcanoes in the north, including Sangi-Mugan and Khara-Zira, the mud mass erupted from the Dashly mud volcano has spread over a small area. Currently it is impossible to carry out any research on scene due to the volcano location and the long mud consolidation.

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