September 18, 2020
The next online meeting of the Scientific Council was held in the ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics. The meeting was chaired by the IGG director, academician Akif Alizadeh. First the participants pay a minutes tribute of silence to the memory of the IGG scientists who died during the pandemic - academician Arif Ismail-zadeh, Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences Chingiz Kashkay and Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, professor Manija Isayeva.
Then A. Alizadeh congratulated Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, Professor Adil Aliyev, corresponding member of ANAS Elmira Aliyeva and Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, Professor Musa Mammadov on the anniversary, highly appreciated their contribution to science.
Then academician A. Alizadeh introduced the agenda to the participants.
The corresponding member of ANAS Talat Kengerli informed about the implementation of work on “Detection of crustal blocks of the Eastern Caucasus and surrounding regions based on tectonic and paleomagnetic data and reconstruction of their horizontal movements in the Paleozoic and Mesozoic (2018-2020)”. He noted that this work wasnt completed due to the impossibility of the necessary equipment purchasing out of the country in a pandemic. The Scientific Council decided to suspend this scientific work and to make another study.
Talat Kengerli also made a report about the work done to create geoparks in Azerbaijan within the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Then Academician Hatam Guliyev made a report on “Berg diagrams with regard to the modern geodynamics of the geological environment”.
Also, the decisions were taken to hold the 120th anniversary of Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Ali Amiraslanov and to change the structure of the IGG.
Thus, the departments of Modern Geodynamics and Space Geodesy and Engineering Geophysics were merged. Academician Fakhraddin Kadirov was appointed Head of the new department. The department of Petrology and the Sector of Mineralogy and Geochemistry were also merged. Doctor of geological sciences, Professor Musa Mammadov was appointed Acting head of the new department of Petrology. The Department of Geology and Geochemistry of ore and non-ore mineral resources was renamed to the Department of ore-magmatic systems.
Doctor of Earths science Gulam Babayev informed about joint researches carried out within the framework of an agreement on bilateral scientific cooperation signed between ANAS and the National Research Council of Italy, and the ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).
At the end of the meeting the other issues were also discussed


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