November 29, 2019
The Director of the Instituteof Geology and Geophysics, academician Akif Alizadeh, opened the meeting of the Scientific Council and introduced the agenda of the meeting.

Then, PhD in Biology Tariel Eybatov made a report on “Unique archeological sites of flora and fauna on the Mingachevir reservoir south bank (Bozdag and Garaja)”.

T. Eybatov said about the result of studies carried out on the Bozdag and Garaja territories. The scientist said that the collection uniqueness was related with sharp change in the water level in the reservoir. T. Eybatov informed that the new layers high of fossil fauna samples were formed during the fall of water level due to deflatation. The author noted that over five years, the teeth of more than 200 mammals, parts of the kranial and postcranial skeletons were discovered. Samples analysis showed the vertebrate animal fragments belong to the forest elephant and the progenitors of the Irish elk, two species of the Mercks rhinoceros, a bison, a wild ox, the ancient horse, the Red deer, etc.

Numerous bones, teeth of Southern elephants and fossilized fragments of tree trunks were found on this territory.

Taking into account the importance of the study results, the members of the IGG Scientific Council decided to assign the status of “Natural Monument” to Bozdag and Garaja.

Then academician Ak.Alizadeh informed the participants about the obtained important scientific results.

Also, the final report for 2017-2019 was discussed at the Scientific Council. ScD in Geology and Mineralogy Chingiz Gashkai made a report “Development of production techniques of ore and tailings based on membrane technology (on the example of Dashkesan ore deposits)”. Academician Fakhraddin Gadirov said about the activities of the BSU department of  “Seismology and the physics of the Earth”. Sc.D. in Earth Sciences Gulam Babayev said about the activities of the IGG publishing house (“ANAS Transactions” journal).

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