October 3, 2019

A joint meeting of the Division of Earth Sciences and the Scientific Council of the Institute of Geography named after Hasan Aliyev was held in the Main Building of ANAS.

The academician-secretary of the Division, academician Fakhraddin Gadirov, Directors of scientific institutions, deputy directors and scientific secretaries, members of the Azerbaijan Geographical Society and other attended the event.

First, F. Gadirov awarded a diploma of the “Professor of ANAS” to ScD in Earth Sciences Gulam Babayev.

Then there was a session dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the famous geographer, corresponding member of ANAS Shahvaled Khalilov.

Speaking about the life and scientific activity of the distinguished scientist, Academician Fakhraddin Gadirov noted an invaluable contribution of Sh.Khalilov to the study of lakes and reservoirs of Azerbaijan. The scientist was elected a corresponding member of ANAS in 2001 and worked at the Institute of Geography as head of the laboratory, head of the Department of Ecogeography, deputy director in science etc. Sh. Khalilov was elected secretary of the Party Committee of the ANAS (1978-1984). After Azerbaijan gained independence, the scientist was elected First Deputy Chairman of the “Eni Azerbaijan” Party of the Yasamal district.

The academician-secretary of the Division said that the geographer Sh.Khalilov shared his knowledge and results with the public through the programs he conducted on television. Sh. Khalilov has been the permanent presenter of the “Travels” and “Travels to Soviet Azerbaijan” for over 20 years.

Director of the Institute of Geography, academician Ramiz Mammadov spoke about the researches carried out by Sh. Khalilov. The hydrographic features of Azerbaijani reservoirs and lakes, the study of water management were the principle directions of his activity.

The academician added that the scientific results of Sh.Khalilov, carried out in 1995, 1997 and 2000, were the most important result of Azerbaijan geographical science. The scientist developed the basic environmental and geographical principles for the efficient distribution of new reservoirs in the geographical areas of Azerbaijan, also predicted the negative impact of existing reservoirs on the environment, including the dynamics of their coastline.

The research results on protection and efficient use of lakes and reservoirs in the republic were used by the Azerbaijan state committee on ecology and control over nature utilization during development of the General Scheme for the integrated use and water protection of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Sh.Khalilov was the author of more than 100 scientific works, including 5 monographs. The scientist published more than 50 articles on rivers, lakes and reservoirs in volumes VI-X of the Azerbaijan Soviet Encyclopedia.

ANAS advisor on agrarian issues, academician Garib Mammadov, Head of the BSU department, academician Vasif Babazadeh, dean of the geographical faculty of BSU, associate professor Shyakyar Mammadova, Head of the department of the Institute of Geography, PhD in Geography Khabil Akhverdiyev, BSU professors Tapdiq Hasanov, Shovga Goychayli and others spoke about the scientists invaluable contribution and shared their memories of Sh.Khalilov.

The Sh.Khalilovs son, Eldar Khalilov, also shared memories of his father, thanked the ANAS leadership, as well as guests for organization of this event.

Public Relations Department
ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics

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